American Animals


I wanted to like this film .… I was tired, it was late and an enjoyable film would have made my night complete after dinner and a drink with the lovely Sheena at the Sheraton.

Well it was a little funny for a while, but to be honest I really don’t want to see a movie about a bungled robbery ever again… even if the robbers are nice young men.

Nothing planned, nothing gained        and despite the few screwball scenes where they prove how amateurish and naïve they are, this to me came across as a boy’s own film… teenage boys perhaps.

The only significant female role in the film was the middle-aged librarian. This film didn’t offer much to me at all and I was sorry I stayed till the end. Luckily I caught the bus straight away and was home in 10 minute. That my friends, was the best part of the night.


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